Planet Q By Peter Quinones – Interview

1. Which books/authors inspired your work?
I like classic advertising copywriters like Shirley Polykoff and David Ogilvie.

2. What’s one (3, 5) thing(s) that you learned while writing your book?
That the subconscious mind really runs your life.

3. After this book, are you writing anything new? Where are you in the process?
I’m posting a novel online, a few excerpts at a time.

4. Describe your writing routine. Do you outline? Edit as you go?
I write the basic tracks, beef it up little by little, then splash intense vocabulary words over it like spaghetti sauce.

5. What do you do when you’re not writing?
I live on 20 acres of unimproved land so there’s not much to do. If I need money I can freelance as a nocturnal penile tumescence monitor.

6. How do you combat/cure writer’s block?
I never really get it.

7. What advice would you give an aspiring writer who doesn’t know where to start?
Look at art, listen to music, watch dancers, watch films.

8. What was the most challenging thing about writing your book?
Fighting procrastination.

9. Are you part of any writer’s groups or guilds? Which one(s)?
No, though I used to be heavily plugged into New York publishing when I was a kid.

10. Do you have a social media presence? Where can people find you online?
I have four websites – Planet Q, Comet Fox, Postmodern Deconstruction Madhouse, Atheist Twister.

11. Talk about your main character. What are they like and what inspired their personality?

12. How does your main character change throughout the story?

13. If you weren’t an author, where do you think you’d be? What would you be doing?
Probably a chess journalist.

14. What is the most satisfying thing about being an author?
Confirming that authors share your experience of the world.

15. How do you think your book (F)/story (NF) can help people? What do you hope people will take away/learn from your book?
Strike a balance between general comment and illustrative detail.

16. What made you choose the time/place in which your book was set?

17. What is/are reviewers/family/friends/other authors saying about your book?
The buzz is mostly positive.

18. What type of person do you think would most enjoy your book?
I would hope all different kinds of people.

19. How do you organize your book collection, if at all?

20. If you could invite your favorite fictional hero/heroine over to your house for dinner, who would it be and what would you talk about?
Ruth Bridge from the Bridge books by Evan S. Connell. I’d love to discuss sunbathing with her.

21. What’s the best book, other than yours, that no one has ever heard of?
I’ll give you two, LOGIC by Olympia Vernon and SEVEN LOVES by Valerie Trueblood.

22. What’s a book you own that people would be most surprised to see on your shelf?
The Solitary Vice: Against Reading by Mikita Brottman.

23. Which author, living or dead, would you most like to meet? What would you hope to learn from them?
Gotta be Shakespeare, come on!